Procedures & Aftercare

The best way to start a new tattoo is with a consultation appointment. This usually takes 15-30 minutes and gives us time to discuss how we will go about making your new tattoo. A small deposit is required at this time to insure that you show up for your appointment and my time is not wasted. I realize that life happens so if you do need to reschedule, please give me notice. If you do not give me at least 24 hours, you forfeit your deposit. I will refuse to tattoo you if you show up drunk or on drugs for your appointment. Not only are you difficult to deal with, the tattoo will not heal well because of the bleeding and you will most likely blame me. My hourly rate is $100 and all drawing and set up is included in this. I only charge for tattoo time. Never underestimate the pain of a tattoo, especially if it is on your torso or buttocks area. If you are new, please start small and don’t get over your head. If you want to use numbing cream, please consult with me prior to your appointment so we can go over a few things. I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore so I don’t take many breaks. I only accept CASH so please bring it with you. If your coming in for a long session, you may want to bring a snack but I do supply drinking water and a bathroom. If your tattoo is in a private area, please bring a towel or a robe to wear to insure your privacy.

DialThis is the aftercare that I recommend but realize that this is not the only way, just what I’ve seen work on most people. I suggest using Dial Anti-bacterial hand soap on your new tattoo. It is gentle and eliminates most common bacteria. Washing the tattoo is the most important thing to do. It keeps it clean and helps the old layer of skin roll off. I also suggest using Aquaphor ointment for the first couple of days. This helps keep the tattoo from drying out and scabbing. Only use a little bit, and rub it in with your fingertips. Never pick, scratch or hit your tattoo. When the tattoo begins to peel, you can stop using the ointment and just use plain white lotion on your tattoo. AquaphorI’ve found that some products can be harmful to your healing tattoo like Neosporin, triple antibiotic ointment, aloe vera or anything containing a lot of manufactured chemicals. Go organic for better results but remember that washing it the most important thing to do. Your tattoo should be healed to the eye within 4-14 days. Completely healed in 1 month. Limit your exposure to the sun for this time as even a mild sunburn will have detrimental affects. Also do not go swimming during this time. This includes swimming pools, spas, and lakes. You will most likely get an infection. MERSA or staph infections are terrible and you don’t want one. Signs of an infection include swelling, redness, pussy excretions and pain. You will need to go to the hospital for medication if you do get an infection.

I hope this answers your questions but, as always, feel free to call me if you do want to ask me something.